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WG in Dresden wanted? Then we'll be quick!

Comments disabled wanted for WG in Dresden? Then we'll be quick!
WG in Dresden wanted? Then we'll be quick!

Dresden has developed over the last few years. And not only in relation to its historical past. The city is becoming more and more popular with students. The number of students has now reached record levels.

In the winter semester 2011/2012 almost 42500 students studied in Dresden - and the trend is rising. At the same time, dormitory rooms, apartments and flats are becoming increasingly scarce. And if it means for you: "WG or room wanted in Dresden", you have to bring some enthusiasm with you to find the right thing in Dresden. 

Dresden as a university city - historical, extravagant and unique

Without question, Dresden is one of the most beautiful cities where you can study. The historic old town, the trendy district of Dresden Neustadt and the fantastic surroundings make Dresden a popular destination for students. However, this unique location of the city also has an impact on rents. Dresden is now the third most expensive city in the east after Potsdam and Rostock in terms of rents for shared flats. Student dormitories or apartments are the inexpensive and often more pleasant alternative.

Ideal study conditions in one of the most beautiful cities

Dresden is not only popular with German students, but also internationally, the city has moved into the foreground as a university city. The very close contact between industry, universities and colleges is one reason for this. At the TU Dresden there are more than 120 courses of studies, which meet your inclinations. Due to the close cooperation with industry, the courses are very practice-oriented.

Low tuition fees and family-friendly study conditions

The conditions in Dresden are right for singles as well as for small families who have to reconcile study and childhood. The TU Dresden even has kindergartens with about 230 places. Modern lecture halls and seminar rooms make learning easy. And also the following career does not fall by the wayside. Many students have moved from the WG to the Bleibe-für-immer. In addition, there are many cultural offers and the trendy Neustadt district, which is very popular with students.

Living close to the university - WG in a student dormitory

Even though Dresden has a very good infrastructure and the universities and colleges can be easily reached by train and bus, living close to the university is still in demand. Sure, who wants to be on the road forever early in the morning? This also means that dormitories in central locations are often quickly fully booked. You should therefore look for a shared flat, a room or a single apartment in Dresden in good time. Especially if you want to live well and at a fair rent.

Shared flats are very popular in the Franklin20 student dormitory

Our dormitory has a large number of modern one-, two- and 3-room apartments. The advantage is obvious: fixed costs for each tenant, joint study and living. A fitted kitchen is included, as are all ancillary costs. Also our common rooms can be used with pleasure and of course the proximity to the university is the goodie.


At the moment we have some places available, so that you should arrange your viewing appointment quickly. Take a look at our currently available apartments here.

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