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Living in the Wohngemeinschaft (WG) is becoming more and more popular

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Living in the Wohngemeinschaft (WG) is becoming more and more popular

According to statistics, most students live in a shared flat, dormitory or "Hotel Mama".

The Deutsche Studentenwerk published an interesting statistic: 10% of the students live in a dormitory!

29% of German students decide to live in a shared apartment, 17% live in their own apartment and 20% live in an apartment with their partner. However, more than 20% still live with their parents, which is more popular among men than among female students. The classic subtenancy is almost obsolete, max. 2% of the students now live in subtenancy.

WG wanted - the first impression counts.

Also in Franklin20 students compete again for the coveted dormitory places. Since we include all prices including all additional costs and W-Lan, the use of our two- and three-room rooms is ideal for flat-sharing communities that want to keep an eye on their costs.

When deciding who gets one of the coveted WG rooms, we naturally pay a lot of attention to the first impression. Since we also want to offer a beautiful home to subsequent students, we want to be sure that the high-quality furnishings are handled with care.

Meanwhile also our bicycle cellar is well filled. The proximity to the university and the center of the city offers the use of two-wheelers. Many report of trips that they made together along the Elbe in the direction of Saxon Switzerland or to the old cathedral town of Meissen. The numerous sports facilities of the TU Dresden provide a sporting balance. Many also like Dresden's "manageability" and the mixture of modernity, art, science and culture. Everything is quickly accessible and there is something for every taste.

A lot is then done together, with the bicycle into the Saxon Switzerland again and again a highlight. Of course, studying is not neglected either. The quiet location of the Franklin20 dormitory is particularly appreciated.

Franklin20 WG-compatible

Our video gives a first impression of our student hostel. We strongly recommend that you take a look at this once. to look at. There you will find the furnishings of our 1- and 2-room apartments, lounges, cellars and laundry rooms. Of course you are welcome to convince yourself of the quality of the furnishings, the spacious living rooms and the furnishings of the flats suitable for shared flats. If you are interested in a tour of our Franklin20, please contact us under Contact.




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